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Eating produce and learning where your food comes from is an important part of establishing lifelong healthy eating habits, so why not start teaching this to the children of our community at an early age. Here at the Woodland Farmers Market we are passionate about teaching the kids and youth how to make healthy eating choices through fun events and offering a chance for kids to shop for free at our very unique Kids Farmers Market . Our kids events are free of charge so please come join us in spreading the market cheer and building a brighter and better community for the future.

Kids Farmers market


Come join twice a month for our special Kid’s Farmers Market! For the Kids Farmers Market,  we set up a smaller mock farmers market just for our little shoppers. They are all given fake “Market Bucks” that they get to spend on whatever is in the kids market for that day. Allowing kids to actively buy their own produce teaches them the power of making healthy food choices, based on what sounds good to them in a healthy setting. They also get the benefit of learning how to shop and pay for their items just like the adults do.  This is a very fun event and is also completely free for all children to participate. Parents come back and tell us that the kids actually eat the produce they “buy” because it is theirs!


At every Saturday market the Woodland Public Library provides Story Time for the kids and their parents to enjoy in the grass in front of the library.

This event begins at 10:30am (note new starting time) so bring your blankets and get your snacks early to enjoy during the reading. This is an interactive story time so the kids and the parents enjoy this half hour of fun!


chalk on the block

Once a year we do a fundraiser for the market called Chalk on the Block. We invite the community to sponsor artists to create sidewalk chalk-art promoting food and agriculture! All proceeds directly help support our local farmers market and if you’re interested in becoming a sponsor, let us know!

On the side we create the Doodle Zone for the kids to create their own works of art. There is more than enough chalk to go around, and then some! Please come down and join us this year! If you are an artist (any age or skill level) or a company that would like to sponsor the art please email your interest to This years event will be held May 25th, 2019 from 9am-12pm.